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Name: Willington Silvi-Cola

Birthday: 09.03.2007

Breed: MCO - Maine Coon

Gender: male

Colour: MCO n 22 (black classic tabby)

Pedigree nr: ....




Abraxas of Midnight Colony*CZ


MCO n 22

Pierot of Midnight Colony*CZ


MCO n 09 22

IC Langstteich's C.Cashmir

MCO e 09 22

Langstteich's Calvin
Pillowtalk's Cosima
Juliette of Midnight Colony*CZ


EC Carter O'Conor Alwaro*PL

Langstteich's White Tacoma
N*Honey Hill's You Can't Match It Naomi


MCO n 22

Hillside Showgun

MCO n 22

CH Hillside Debonaire DUDE
Hillside Ansoeta
N*Honey Hill's Flower Power


Hillside Vincent

N*Honey Hill's Cruella De Ville


Queen Amidala of Chamberlain


MCO n 22

Wildwillows Sisco Two Stars


MCO n 22

Wildwillows Jumpin Jack Flash

Wildwillows Guns'N'Roses

Blackmoon's Lovesong
Koontucky Shannandoah

Gentelgiants Majerle

Koontucky Mattea

Cheyenne Naomi of Chamberlain



MCO n 23

Yankee Pearl's O'Malley

Yankee Pearl's Ottawa

Patchwork's Maxie Malone

Milinocket's Peggy Sue

Willowplace Rocky Mountain High

Willowplace Titania