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Name: Top Coon Totsi

Birth date:08.03.2012

Rase: MCO - Maine Coon

Sex: female

Colour:black silver mackerel torbie

Pedigree no:C4U MC080312 105




Top Coon Usee


Ares Querer


IC Fin*Escape's Never Ending

EC Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's
IC.WW.02 Fin*Escape's Izabella Coonzales
CH S*Ma Coo's Question

GIC SW'2004 S*Ma Coo's Lagavulin

DK*Sebasco's 2 Crazy
Fergie Cat Cabaret


ZZ Top of Gentle Lions *CZr

GIC Langstteich's Ca'Power Pepper
Isabel of Gentle Lions
IC Maxi Alwaro*PL

EC WW/HELSINKI 2002 DK*Sebasco's Daker Devito



Top Coon Barbie Baby



DotCom Lachlan Lad CH Lacocoon Hey Jude Lacocoon Sgt Pepper
Puddleduck Honey Dont of Lacocoon
GC Dotcom Melinda Angmars Warlock
CH DotCom Emina Minx/GC
Int.Ch. Barbi Red Top Coon PL Gr.Int.Ch. Asterion Cat Cabaret PL/JW Gr.Int.Ch. James Bond Klapouch PL
Int.Ch. Maxi Alwaro PL
Gr.Int.Ch. Wiktoria Alwaro PL Euro.Ch. Sebasco's Daker Devito DK WW'02
Euro.Ch. K'Star Winner Alwaro PL