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Name: LoveHulen Heemann

Birthday: 31.01.2006

Breed: MCO - Maine Coon

Gender: male

Colour: MCO n 09 22 (black classic tabby with white)

Pedigree nr: ....




LoveHulen's Scoop


MCO n 22

Love Hulen's
Hurricane Mitch


MCO d 22

Capecoon's Rocky II

MCO n 22

Capecoons Easy Rider
Capecoons Little Layles
Love Hulen's Honkey Tonk Woman

MCO f 22

Love Hulen's Provo

Love Hulen's Designer

Love Hulen's True Love in the X-File


MCO n 22

Capecoons X- File

MCO n 22

Capecoon's Lucas
Capecoon's Cassidy
Love Hulens True Love

MCO n 22

Coonyham Wilbur
Love Hulens Lady Hawk


LoveHulen's Indiana


MCO n 09 22

Koontucky Indian Wolf of Løve Hulen


MCO n 09 22

Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky

MCO ns 09 22

Nascat's R/R Phantom of Coonoquan

Nascat The White Flag Lap
Koontucky Kodi

MCO a 22

Gentlegiants Majerle of Koontucky

Koontucky Mattea

Løve Hulen's Show Dream



MCO n 22

Thunderball's Zabatini

MCO n 22

Brinkoon-Cat's Pingo

Thunderball's Dana

Løve Hulen's Melody

MCO n 22 

Løve Hulen's Stuntman

Løve Hulen's Madam Butterfly