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Name: Effie Top Coon

Birthday: 04.01.2006

Breed: MCO - Maine Coon

Gender: female

Colour: MCO n 09

Pedigree nr: ....




IC Armani Top Coon


MCO n 09

EC Never Mind's Radio Ga-Ga


MCO n 09 22

IC MtKittery Bemis, DM

MCO a 22

CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill
CH MtKittery Perry
Guldfakse's Dakota

MCO f 09 23

EC WW/A 94 MtKittery Casco

GIC Maineline Acadia

CH Wiktoria Alwaro*PL


MCO f 22

EC WW/HELSINKI 2002 DK*Sebasco's Daker Devito

MCO d 22

EC WW/98&00&01 Guldfakse's Chief Two Moons
DK*Mountaineer's Kitti Caballe
EC K'Star Winner Alwaro*PL

MCO n 09 22

EC WW/H 97 A*Skywalker's G'Kar
EC A*Cadia Park's Kerrygold


Mountain Lynx's Dolly Dimple


MCO n 09 22

IC FIN*Camberlain Rain Maker


MCO n 09 22

IC St.John Genesis

MCO n 22

CH Coonyham Buster Brown

Broadsway Blue Fire of St. Johns
EC Capecoon Sweet Melissa

MCO 09 22

Capecoon Lucas

Capecoon Natalie

S*Manitou`s Exqusite



IC Hulelyckans Dunderklumpen

MCO n 22

IC Hulelyckans Alladin

Løve Hulen Shadow of An Angel

CH Overlord Pomerance

MCO n 22

Kassaro Natchezz

IC Overlord Ladybird