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Name: Ares Querer *PL

Birthday: 28.08.2005

Breed: MCO - Maine Coon

Gender: male

Colour: MCO d 23

Pedigree nr: (PL) FPL LO 00415




Fin*Escape's Never Ending

MCO d 22

Koontucky King Arthur of Escape's

MCO n 22

GC Coonyham's Surfer Dude of XTC

MCO n 22

CFA GC SGC  Coonyham's Navarro
QGC  Coonyham's Chereokee
Johnsbay Bristol of Koontucky

MCO f 22

Koontucky Southern Comfort

Seascape Princess Punella

IC.WW.02 Fin*Escape's Izabella Coonzales



Ravishing Speedy Coonzales

MCO d 22

CH  Ravishing O'Brian
Chayenne of Nantucket
EC Avicats Astraea Escape's

MCO ns

GP. GC  Stormwatch's Tatsumaki
GC  Avicats Sophrosina Marfisa


CH S*Ma Coo's Question

MCO d 22

GIC SW'2004 S*Ma Coo's Lagavulin

MCO d 23
S*Ma Coo's Knock Out

MCO n 23

EC Never Mind's Radio Ga-Ga
EC S*Ma Coo's Zanbra

MCO f 22

CH S*Glowcoon's Globetrotter
EC DK*Cozy Farm Madam Mim. Dm
DK*Sebasco's 2 Crazy

MCO g 23
EC WW'98, 00, 01 Guldfakse's Chief Two Moons

MCO d 23

GIC WW'95&96 DK*Maine-Mark's Dakota

WW'00 DK*Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers

DK*Sebasco's Tja Tjamaine

MCO n 23

IC DK*Mountaineer's Montanus
DK*Appalacer Bear's Circus Princess