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....Cats have been with us forever. Pretty, less pretty, with a pedigree and without. Normally in our house, all armchairs are occupied, fur stuck in sandwiches and sweet purring on our laps, whenever we get a chance to find an available spot. However, we cannot imagine our lives to be any different.

Maine Coon cats appeared in our home a few years ago. We were not original- like many admirers of this breed- it was simply our dream to have Maine Coons; great in size, with a wild appearance and delicate character.

We fell in love with this breed right away. Their extraordinary beauty fascinated us, along with their temperament- we have known many cats' personalities, so we did not expect anything unusual. However, believe us, Maine Coon is an exceptional cat J.

The decision to begin a cattery was not spontaneous. We knew that having animals brings not only pleasure but also many responsibilities, but having a cattery increases those obligations. This includes breeding animals, raising them and finding loving homes, which can be a challenge. All of our cats, regardless if they leave to a cattery, or 'only' as a pet, we sell them with a contract. It contains certain conditions that the future owner has to meet, when making a decision to buy our cat.

The health of our Maine Coons is extremely important; we consider it as a priority. Besides routine veterinarian care, we utilize all methods of checking the status of our cats' health before we breed them. All of our cats are tested for HD, PKD, FIP, FELV, echocardiogram  for HCM.

Our Maine Coons are successful in cat shows around the world; however, we continue to strive to create them more beautiful. We are driven by this hobby, our passion and mainly our goal for the ideal. It seems that sometimes the ideal is within our reach, but the reality is that it is not attainable, because they could always be better J. This is the basis for the enjoyment and the reason why there is no likelihood for boredom J.